let's get started...

Ok, so you have a business that you want to expand and possibly reach a new audience?
Maybe you've already got a website but it's no longer "doing what you want"?


You've come to the right place!
Let us guide you through the development process, step by step:

We will bypass all the complicated jargon and make the process easy and simple for you... we will work closely with you to design a new user-friendly, engaging website which ticks all the boxes on your list, including upgrading to a smart phone and tablet friendly version of course.

  1. Firstly, we need to establish how we can best help you.
    You can either fill in our Website Checklist, or alternatively you can give us a call and we will arrange to have a good chat about your ideas! After assessing your requirements, we will put together a comprehensive quote, based on that initial chat.

  2. When you're happy with the quote...
    ...we will have a full meeting to go through the details of your project, including text requirements, images and any other aspects of your web or marketing needs. We will also set up your domain name and hosting facilities on your behalf, if you haven't already got them.

  3. Now it's our turn!
    We will start developing your project and produce a number of sample pages for you to approve, before we get too far along.

  4. Then it's your turn!
    Take your time reviewing the sample pages and come back to us with suggestions for any changes.
    We go through your suggestions for changes and then produce a version which is almost ready to be seen by the world! This is where we hand over the nearly-finished product for you to proof-read. There may be a few final minor adjustments for us to make, and then the project is signed off!

  5. Woo hoo! Your website is online and you can now sit back and wait for the compliments to flood in...
    This is also a good time to talk to us about marketing strategies such as GOOGLE AdWords to give your website the best possible start. We can also help you develop a social marketing strategy and integrate social websites into your new website - to attract more visitors and gain more business.